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My Why...

My intention is to accompany and support you in the essential area of health and well-being through holistic and embodied ways. 

I intentionally hold spaces for exploring practices that help us to access the wisdom of our heart and to feel more confident in expressing our infinitely creative energy. I offer invitations for expanding your personal palette of resources and tools for feeling greater harmony and alignment within ourselves, our relationships and our life as a wider web.​

I offer up these sessions to the highest good for all and bring a warm quality of presence along with my own qualities of sensitivity and intuition. I share my extensive experience in guiding movement meditation and teaching techniques for increased body awareness and cultivating deep love and knowing of oneself, all supportive of an empowered ability of listening to, expressing and tending to one’s needs in the present moment.

You can read more about my self-curated path through therapeutic movement, discover personal sharings throughout the seasons along with inspiring invitations for you to explore on your own in my blog posts.


Kasey A. Barbey Sallurday

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