Blessingway to Support Mama

Baby Blessing to Welcome the Little One

Invite your tribe to surround, support and celebrate with you !

Circle with your own loved ones for a personalized experience.

I propose an in-person meeting to discuss the possibility of creating a unique circle to support your personal circumstances, desires and needs and then we share and vision together to see how I can support you on your journey. This beauty-way, generous and celebratory event marks an important transition in the life of a woman. This Native American Blessingway-inspired ritual can include meditation, movement like yoga or dance, creative art, nature-based rituals and sacred self care.

I propose you a circle from 13:00 - 18:00 though this can be adapted and adjusted. Price varies depending on the activites (materials), number of participants and location.


There are also possibilties to honor this important arrival of a beautiful soul to Earth with a Baby Blessing Circle.

Contact me if you are interested in knowing more about a personnalized circle or to know the dates of upcoming group circles.