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Monthly Circles for the Feminine

These monthly gatherings are open to all, women, men, transgender, non-binary or non-conforming individuals !  


Each month we are guided by an inspiring person sharing their passions, practices, tools and rituals for connection, well-being and exploring feminine energies and powers.


Each month we each claim our unique place within this benevolent, inclusive and heart-centred space which cultivates connection with ourselves, with others and with the forces of nature within and around us.


The activities along with this mutually-supportive and inspiring circle space encourages creativity and personal expression, authenticity and tolerance, contemplation and communication.


Inspired activities can include guided intuitive-dance movement, singing and chanting, cacao ceremony, nature-inspired rituals (ie. elements, seasons, moon), artistic expression, utilisation of plant allies (ie. herbs, essences, essential oils), sharing circles as well as other therapeutic modalities.

As coordinator of these monthly gatherings, you can contact me directly via email or telephone to know more about this month's theme and activity.


Saturdays  |  19:00-21:30  |  Espace EKA

Rue de la Coupe Gordon-Bennett 1, 1219 Aïre, Switzerland

Regular Tarif : 45 chf

Reduced Tarif : 30 chf


Registration can be made via

Upcoming Dates

December 10, 2022  |  Corinne Mestral

January 7, 2023  |  Karine Nicolet

February 4, 2023  |  Kasey Barbey Sallurday

March 4, 2023  |  Céline Le Roux

April 1, 2023  |  Chloé Biessy

May 6, 2023  |  Iris Meyer

June 3, 2023  |  Katia Cupelin

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