Conscious Pregnancy & Parenthood

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Respect . Compassion . Love . Play . Joy . Harmony

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Experiences in a group, sharing space with other mamas & couples on the Pregnancy Journey :

Sacred Pregnancy for Mamas

Circles for a group of pregnant women to come together to connect with one another and their pregnancy experiences in meaningful and personal ways. There is mutual support, empowerment, inspiration, love, sisterhood and more as we explore pertinent topics that naturally arise for most women during their pregnancy journeys. This rich and powerful experience gives each woman the opportunity to connect with her own source of strength, courage, truth and intuition to best serve her in order to enter motherhood in a centered and mindful state of being. Each pregnancy and birth are different and so is appropriate for any expecting mother!

These classes are either offered as punctual, 4-hour classes to cover individual topics - including guided meditation, sharing space along with tools and creative projects


A 2 day beauty-way workshop to embrace your pregnancy journey, prepare for birth and for welcoming your little one with a clear mind, open heart and full of confidence, serenity and joy !


Your partners are invited to join us for part of the second day as you spend some time nourishing your connection and the roots of the family tree you are growing.

Discover Manuela Marini's experience and her beautiful photos with me on her blog*

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Sacred Pregnancy for Couples

an appropriate follow up to Sacred Pregnancy classes or on its own : circles for couples expecting a baby to prepare emotionally for the birth and the transition into parenthood with calm, confidence and joy! Activities and tools to deepen and strengthen your relationship before baby arrives, to stay centered and connected during the labor and birth of baby, to become mindful of and to release any worries or fears, to feel more confident and ready to embrace becoming parents (for the first time or to adapt with your growing family)!

These classes are either offered as punctual, 4-hour classes to cover each topic along with guided meditation, sharing circle and other tools and exercises.

Create the time and space to nourish your connection together, sharing and exchanging with other couples on the same journey and explore practical and inspiring tools for your family's well being !

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Services on an individual basis includes offerings such as :


Blessingway for a Mama to Circle with her Tribe

"Blessingway" comes from the traditional Native American rite of passge offered to woman as they step onto the path of motherhood.

A compliment or alternative to a baby shower where we honor and celebrate the expecting mama with intentional gifts, beauty, supportive words, massage or whatever else she would appreciate! We create a safe and sacred space where she can let go of any worries or concerns she has has around the birth or motherhood - helping her to prepare emotionally for this incredible life transition. This personalized circle experience is a generous and amazing gift to offer a pregnant friend as her tribe of support !

I propose an in-person meeting to discuss the possibility of creating a unique circle to support your personal circumstances, desires and needs and then we share and vision together to see how I can support you on your journey. This beauty-way, generous and celebratory event marks an important transition in the life of a woman.

These circles often take place from 13:00 - 18:00 though this can be adapted. Price varies depending on the activites (materials), number of participants and location.

Blessingway can include meditation, movement like yoga or dance,

creative art, nature-based rituals and sacred self care.

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Family Session

Setting up a sacred space in your home - intentional altar filled with positive intentions for living harmoniously in a loving atmosphere.

Together, we'll craft objects for these spaces and explore activities and rituals appropriate for you and your loved ones.

A wonderful, creative and fun family experience!

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Creating a Belly Cast

Planned towards the end of pregnancy to honor and remember the full physical beauty of your pregnancy! (see photos below). This service can be offered indepedently or as part of a couple, family or circle experience.

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Post-partum Care Ritual

For new mamas can inlcude any of the following: floral or milk & honey bath, oil rub down, "sealing ceremony", handmade floral crown + lavender scented relaxing eye pillow and personalized journal for your birth story.

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Some Ideas & Activities that concern Pregnancy & Parenthood :

Sacred Space / Meditate + Create an object for your personal space at home

Connections / Embrace authentic, heart to heart connections in your life

Expectations / Choosing positive, uplifting messages for birth & motherhood

Food + Body Image / Conscious cooking and eating conversation + Claim your unique beauty and dance it out to feel empowered

Relationship Changes / Renew your love vows with heart art

Fears / Release ritual to create space in your mind, heart and life for more love, trust, confidence and serenity

Forgiveness / Rip & release ritual and then decorate your Spirit Stick

Honoring / Each mama enjoys a moment of pampering, love and support

Celebration / Close our Sacred Space with Positive Intentions and the Salt Bowl

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I was certified in 2014 during my pregnancy by the founder of Sacred Pregnacny​ & The Sacred Living Movement - Anni Daulter
I'm forever inspired & grateful for my experiences with her !