Retreat Experiences to Dive Deeper

*soul-inspired video from our Spring Renewal Retreat in Portugal Spring 2017


Dearest sisters,

This is an invitation to nourish ourselves on every level: body, mind, heart & soul. A call by the spark of our own luminous spirit to weave rich connections with other souls & to create the time & space for self awareness, self expression & deep healing for ourselves and beyond into our communities while exploring and acquiring spiritual practices and tools rooted in mother nature and her abundance of gifts, guidance, support and inspiration.

This retreat dedicated to women is planned to offer you :
· A rich, unique and beauty-filled week of rest, rejuvenation, inspiration and empowerment
· Healthy, beautiful goddess food and resources for your own cooking
· Creative and COLORFUL soul sessions to expand your personal tool box of practices to release, renew and cultivate the qualities we choose to feel harmonious with our inner and outer environments throughout all of life’s changes and transitions including…
daily yoga and meditation and creative expression/exploration through writing, painting, artisanal arts, dance, music, ritual and more !
· Deep connection with mother nature and her elements through nature walks, swimming, stand up paddleboard, horse riding and simply free time to be, reflect and integrate your personal experience
· Beautiful accommodations on a small eco-center reserved for us featuring tipis, cottages, swimming pool, etc. surrounded by lush, abundant nature located south of Lisbon, Portugal
· A tribe of sisters co-creating intentional, benevolent, nurturing & magical sacred circle space, encouraging each to return to her essential self and shine her divine light
· A personal healing session to complement and deepen our group work together

Dates :
20 to 27 Octobre 2018
Olival das Hortas, a small eco-resort located in Grandola, Portugal (1 hour south of Lisbon) with group transportation organized

Program :
Saturday, 20 October
Arrival and settling in to our own bit of paradise as of 12:00
Group dinner and opening circle in the evening

Sunday, 21 - Friday, 26 October
Workshop soul sessions and activities will be inspired by the major colors of the rainbow spectrum and weaving their qualities and energetic properties along with those of the 5 ayurvedic elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air + Ether), our 6 senses (including Intuition) to identify our strengths, our sensitivities as strengths and our capacity for self-healing. We'll draw on concepts from holistic wellness and healing in our meditations, yoga, dance, art, creativity, food, rituals and excursions.

Saturday, 27 October
Final Sharing Circle
Closing Gratitude Ritual
Departure/Extended travel

A typical day during the retreat :
Morning Movement Meditation - Awakening practice to begin the day focused, grounded, centered and ready for the new day
Silent Breakfast
Nature Connection - Excursion outdoors to remember and consciously connect to mother earth and our ability to access her abundant resources and elemental qualities within us
Creative Workshop - Artistic exploration for introspection, free expression and empowerment
Free Time
Fire Circle - Accessing that magical space where we connect with all the other women who have come before and are yet to come through sharing, celebration, ritual

** And YES, we will be dancing and singing under the Full Moon in Taurus together ! **

Pricing :
Reduced price offering until Summer Solstice (21 June) - 1,200 eur / 1,400 chf
Normal price after 21 June - 1,400 eur / 1,600 chf

which includes…
8 days of soul medicine retreat experience, materials and goddess gifts
7 nights shared accommodations in a cottage or tipi in Portuguese paradise
Nourishing meals all throughout the week
Nature excursions and adventures: stand-up paddleboard sessions (sunrise + sunset), horse riding, nature walks, ocean swims

Does not include…
Flight to/from Lisbon, Portugal
Cost of transport to/from airport (shared group transport to be coordinated by myself)

Meet our team :
Kasey Barbey Sallurday and Susanne Creuwels organize and this retreat experience with love and authenticity in the beauty way.
Lina Sandoval brings her experience and wisdom of our creative essence, our colorful existence and community weaving

Kasey Barbey
Woman, Mother, Spaceholder, Artist, Yogini and many other colorful boxes to fill in, just like you !
It's always an honor and a privilege to initiate these magical spaces where we meet ourselves in the present moment, reconnect with the essential, with our values, with our passions, our visions and with our heart. I'll be offering intentional, yet intuitive practices for you to honor where you've been, to sit peacefully where you are now and to attract and manifest the positive changes and personal growth that is part of your path.

Susanne is a life-lover, soul-seeker, barefoot-walker, mother of 6 year old twins.
She has been practising yoga for over 20 years and is a certified teacher since 2007 . Always continuing to study different aspects and forms of yoga, she now teaches traditional hatha yoga, the more dynamic vinyasa yoga, as well as the inward journey of yin yoga.
She feels blessed to share her passion for both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga practice in her classes. Using awareness of the breath as the guide in all practices, she encourages you to forget about striking the perfect pose, but instead surrendering to sensations inside the body during the pose. “If you’re feeling it, you’re doing it!!”
She is also a vegetarian for over 30 years, and loves to share her knowledge and yummy recipes

Contact us for more information & registration:
+ 41 78 625 3447

With pleasure to weave with you, sister !