Trust yourself, Trust the journey

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YOU (yes, you!) are inivted to join in one or more of this series of circle experiences to explore an evolutive process of dreaming, embodying and practicing the art of trusting ourselves as well as the unfolding of our own personal path. Each month, I invite specficially women, mothers, couples, parents, families, and eventually the whole community to dedicate time to the Sacred Self and the Sacred Other in a deeper and more authentic way. Cultivating openness and courage to recognize the light and qualities within that others so easily see, to be honest about our shadow sides and the healing we need, to be clear and compassionate in our communication on all levels, to be more aligned with our values, and to dare to dream even bigger than before ... all the while trusting the process of it all unfolding ! 

The activities for each circle will vary as well as the invitation for whom to join (women, mamas, couples, families, etc) with a source rooted in practices of meditation, creative expression, ritual, yoga, dance, etc in tune with and inspired by the wise messages of nature (seasons, cycles, plants, animals, etc) and our own deeper knowing and intuition to remember and experience the interconnection of it all.

About Kasey :
Woman, Mother, Partner, Sacred Spaceholder, Yoga Teacher, Artist, Nature and Human Rights Advocat, and many other colorful boxes to fill in, just like you ♥ 
It's always an honor and a privilege to initiate these sacred spaces where we meet ourselves on a deeper level and participate in a reflective mirror-like space helping us on our own journey of taking responsibility for our light and shadow sides. An intentional, safe and beauty way place for you to honor where you've been, to sit peacefully where you are now and to celebrate where you're going ! I prepare, create and intuitively guide nature-inspired activities using tools like meditation, yoga, dance, natural medicine, creative expression, ritual and more to support spiritual practices and experiences for personal growth and community-weaving. 

Contact me with any questions or to claim your space :


TU (oui, toi!), es invité de nous rejoindre pour un ou plusieurs expériences en cercles pour explorer le processus de rêver, incarner et pratiquer l'art de se faire confiance et aussi de faire confiance à notre chemin personnel. Chaque mois, je vous invite spécifiquement, femmes, mamans, couples, parents, familles et éventuellement tout le monde en esprit communauté pour dédier du temps au Soi Sacré et l'Autre Sacré. Cultiver l'ouverture et le courage de reconnaître la lumière et les qualités en nous que les autres voir naturellement, être honnête a propos nous aspects sombre et la guérison à nous de faire, être transparent et compatissante avec notre communication sur tout les niveaux, êtes plus aligné avec nos valeurs et oser de rêver plus grandiose qu'avant ... tout en confiance du voyage !

Les activités pour chaque cercle sera varié et aussi changeable selon l'invitation pour cercler (femmes, mamans, couples, familles, etc) avec une source racinée dans les pratiques de méditation, expression créatif, rituel, yoga, danse, etc inspiré par le sagesse de la nature (saisons, cycles, plantes, animaux, etc) et notre propre sagesse à l'intérieure et intuition pour se rappeler et expérimenter l'interconnexion de le tout.

Location : La Maison des Rêves, Mornex France

Contribution : 108 chf for our circle from 11:00 to 18:00

Dates :

Sunday 28 January - Opening Circle for women + men

Sunday 25 February - Women's Circle

Saturday 31 March - Mama's Circle

Sunday 22 April - Couples Circle

Sunday 27 May - Parents Circle

Sunday 17 June - Family Circle

Sunday 29 July - Community Circle​


*Details to be announced for each circle in advance on this page.

Dates and times may be modified based on the natural evolution of these circle spaces and those participating as we trust our intuition and the natural flow !*

Sunday 28 January - Tending our own inner fire - open to men + women

Nourishing our inner fire for motivation, passion and confidence to manifest positive change in our lives. Nature walk - Jornal work - Creative expression

Sunday 25 February. I invite you to begin our day together connecting with the Tibetan goddess of love and compassion, Tara - as we can participate in a meditative Tara Ritual held at the Sangha Salève Shedrub Choekhor Ling on the Salève ( Our activities in the afternoon will be an exploration of creating sacred space for inspiration and energy, both individually and collectively while connecting with nature. We'll have the opportunity for loving release work so that we can heal that which needs healing and make space for the new growth and possibility we are ready to welcome in our lives ! Welcome, sisters !