Women's Circles & Retreats

nourishing - inspiring - supportive

body - mind - soul

personal empowerment - sisterhood solidarity


There is a space for you and it’s one that only YOU can fill. It’s your place and it’s uniquely informed by that which you’ve experienced, by the ways that you’ve grown and by the dreams that you hold.

You are welcome exactly as you are to this safe and confidential space, a beauty-way circle where there is no beginning and no end, one that may be opened but never broken.


We offer ourselves the time and space to be fully present, for ourselves, our bodies, our feelings, our needs and our inner knowing. We teach those around us by consciously choosing self-care, through right action, setting healthy boundaries when necessary and we tend to our inner garden and weave together a sense of community. We value integrity and honesty. We cultivate gratitude and unconditional love.

We re-align with our body’s intelligence, our heart’s wisdom and our intuitive mind. We create and celebrate, we share and we listen, we honor and we remember, we inspire and support each other mutually. We practice being authentic, compassionate, humble and open with regards to each new day with it’s opportunities and possibilities.

We fill our cups to be so well within that we naturally shine our light for those around us, in our home, in our work, in our neighborhood and in our world. We set about transforming the mundane into magic, the routine into ritual and the ordinary into sacred.


“ Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again. ”
― Joseph Campbell

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Take a peak into some of our past women's retreats ::

" Soulstice Celebration "
Grandola, Portugal * Juin 2019
" Spring Renewal Retreat "
Sesimbra, Portugal * April 2017
" Celebrating the Sacred Feminine "
French Jura * January 2016