Women's Circles & Retreats



Welcome to the sacred circle, a safe & beauty-filled space  

providing the opportunity to breathe and to be.

Creating, expressing, exploring, discovering together to weave a community; 

a web of sharing, support, empowerment and inspiration.

We remember our roots, listen to our needs and dare to dream. 

We explore authentic heart connection with others.

We practice being fully present and we choose Love, Gratitude, Humility and Hope.

We start to fully blossom as we acknowledge who we have been, honor who we are now & celebrate who we are becoming. We leave these spaces more tuned in to our intuition, more trusting of our hearts and flowing more gracefully

with the seasons and our own inner cycles. Inspired by our very surroundings,

we transform our routines into rituals and the ordinary into sacred.  

Welcome to one of our upcoming circles:

Monthly Women's Circle

Sisters' Gatherings

" Celebrating the Sacred Feminine "
French Jura * January 2016
" Spring Renewal Retreat "
Sesimbra, Portugal * April 2017
" Soulstice Celebration "
Grandola, Portugal * Juin 2019