Personalized Services, Circles & Rituals

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Over the years, I’ve seized many opportunities to develop my creativity, intuition and deep listening and I personally love evoking these qualities to create safe and confidential spaces and circles where each participant can feel at ease and respected, free and confident to be and share in a way that’s authentic.

 I’m honored to accompany you and offer you a free proposal of a personalized ritual, circle space or wellness service to decide if you could benefit from this experience with me.

Perhaps you wish to consciously embrace a new personal cycle, honor a loss,or are experiencing a major transition and you’d like to translate with ritual as a support for translating our intentions into action with a simple, nature-based ceremony.

These mindful experiences, whether one-on-one, as a famiy or shared with a larger group of supportive loved ones, are a most beautiful way to go with the Flow of Life and voluntarily say “Yes !” to her invitation for growth and change with more ease, grace and joy !​

We create a sacred space to honor the rhythms of life and the natural cycles of birth, growth, maturity, change, death and renewal. We consecrate time to be able to slow down, feel what we feel under the surface, appreciate exactly where we currently are and choose which direction we are headed as well as which qualities and strengths we’d like to evoke as we move forward and upward on our journey. We can consciously choose clarity and creativity, adaptability and acceptance, respect and creativity, beauty and love as we dance through this life.

Also, let me say that if you are considering creating a circle space for yourself and your tribe, know that each participant benefits from the experience and receives inspiration and nourishment. Each one leaves with a little gift, feeling seen, respected and connected with others and larger rhythms of Life & Nature.

​Some common occasions to plan a circle or ritual :

-  Preparing for Birth with a Blessingway Circle

-  Honoring Ceremony for Mama & Baby after Birth

-  Pre-Wedding Celebration or a Vow Renewal Ceremony

-  New Home Cleansing & Blessing

-  Birthday Celebration

-  Entering the Moon Cycle of Menstruation for a Woman

-  Entering the Wisdom Phase of Menopause for a Woman

These experiences include guided activities :

-  An Opening Meditation to center together on the Intenion of the gathering.

-  A movement-based aspect like a yoga practice or free-flow guided dance to fully inhabit our bodies, digest our feelings and experiences, and/or connect with the spontaneous flow of life and her cycles, seasons and elements, or focus on connecting with our inner archetypes and their wisdom...

Co-create a common gift for the person of honor : necklace, flower crown, love & empowerment banner, mandala...

Creative and symbolic activity for each participant to take home such as dream catchers, positive affirmation cards, self-care cosmetic creation (essential oil mister, deodorant, lip balm), vision board, intention-infused relaxaing lavender eye pillow...

- Ritual to Release and open up space for new possibilities with the support of the elements : Earth, Water, Fire, Air

- Ritual to Bless with an appropriate gesture in order to increase positive qualities and offer gratitude, love, support and conscious presence .

- Sharing Talking Circle where each can express authentically, share wisdom or personal experience, and be heard, seen and witnessed.